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interview with hamilton landscaper

This is an interview, the first of our new interview series, and so before we get into the discussion, we here at Mickzeni Talk want to announce what our interview series is all about. We’re still coming up with a name for it, but it’ll be something like “Interviews with Ordinary People.” The thing we’re offering here is that you don’t have to read an interview with a famous person to be entertained or learn something. Sometimes simple interviews with normal people like our landscaper in Hamilton is all you need to learn something cool and interesting for the day. So in the future stay tuned for more interviews like this one if you enjoy it.

An Interview with a Hamilton Landscaper

This is how our interviews will be formatted. We ask the guest a series of simple question, and ask them to expound with their answers with the intention of spilling out information that people who aren’t familiar with the subject might find interesting. So let’s begin our interview with a landscaping Hamilton expert. We hope you enjoy.

Question #1: “What does it take to be an expert at landscaping?”

The answer: “Well with anything the only thing that separates a professional from an expert is that an expert doesn’t need to be hired. An expert can be a retired landscaper, or someone who’s never been hired as a landscaper who taught themselves the tricks of the trade by doing their own landscaping at home. But that’s not the full answer. For me, an expert landscaper is basically someone who doesn’t need to do an online search every time they start a new project because they already know nearly everything there is to know about landscaping. They should be able to do stuff like trim hedges, plant trees, build rock walls, cut grass, etc, and they should be decently skilled at it too.”

Question #2: “What would you say to kids our there who want to be a landscaper when they grow up?”

The answer: “I’d tell who ever dreams of becoming a landscaper the same things I tell my kids. It’s not as easy as an expert makes it look. Before you’re dead-sure about what career you want, you should sit down for a day and really decide if you’re certain this will be the right job for you. To be a landscaper you have to be okay with getting your hands dirty, I mean literally filthy with soil. And you should be prepared to own a truck, get used to blisters on your fingers and know how to put up with working outside all day in every kind of weather condition. In the winter you might be doing snow removal. In the summer, you’ll be sweating in the heat. If that doesn’t deter you, then you might have chosen a good trade.”

Question #3: “What is your favorite part of being a landscaper in Hamilton Ontario?”

The answer: “My favorite part of being a landscaper is working to make landscapes more beautiful, in all the many small things that includes. I love working with my hands, but I also enjoying creating beauty. It’s an artform for me, and I love doing it in Hamilton because frankly this city could use a little more beauty here and there. Over the years I’ve been able to make this place noticeably more pretty, and that makes me feel good inside.”

Question #4: “Thank you for your great answers, sir. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers at Mickzeni Talk about Hamilton landscaping before we let you continue your day?”

The answer: “It’s been a pleasure, and sure. I got one thing to say. While visiting other parts of Canada I’ve noticed that a property with professional landscaping really stands out. And with some unintentional research over the years working with clients who love getting their properties treated with landscaping services I’ve learned that in many cases hiring an expert landscaper to regularly maintain the beauty of your landscape might give you a profit in the long run, because after a decade of working in the landscape of your property the value of your house can rise hirer than the costs you paid for landscaping in the first place. This is just something to remember if you’re deciding whether or not to let a professional handle the backyard chores. And, oh, one more thing. I really enjoyed your last post about 3 ways to make customers happy. It motivated me to try some new things with my own clients. So thanks for that.”

Our Final Words About the Interview

This interview took place over an email discussion several days ago. The guest didn’t mind if we shared his name, but out of respect we like to keep it anonymous so that guests in the future can feel free to say things they might not want to say if they knew their name would be public. Please contact us if you have any ideas for future interviews or would like to be interviewed yourself.

We hope you enjoyed episode of Interviews with Ordinary People and learned something. Bye for now.