Doing What You Love, Whatever It Is

wish come true

I’m not going to go as far as to say that if you love murdering people that you should become a serial killer. I’m using common logic here. But so long as common logic is in mind, there’s no excuse to explain why you aren’t doing what you love besides the point that you haven’t decided to yet.

You don’t have to know how you’ll have the career of your dreams. You just need to know that you will, and take baby steps one at a time until you get there. I know a girl from Brazil that grew up in poverty and dreamed of being a doctor. Now she’s making more money in Canada than most middle class people who grew up with rich parents in Canada. The only thing she did was make a decision, and you can do the same thing.

My story is a bit different because I already had my dream career in Italy. As a boy I dreamed of having my own engineering and construction company. Then, when I was so satisfied to the point where I wanted even more, that’s when I moved to Canada. And now my dream job is in my grip yet again. But only because I made a decision. Now I’m here.

I’m saying this for any stragglers who visit my blog and don’t believe in themselves. If you still don’t believe in yourself, let’s talk over email. I dreamed of having a company that does everything from masonry to appliance repair and it came true, and my family was very hard-pressed when I was a boy. I honestly believe anyone can make their dreams come true but only if they themselves decide to make it happen.

So make the decision. What are you waiting for?