A Ballet About Appliance Repair Services


This ballet story I’m about to share with you doesn’t have a name and it has never been published because I am the author and am still working on it. I wanted to share what I have with you so far to flesh it out in my own mind and hopefully come out with something better than what already exists.

Basically, the main character, a small girl just entering her first adult year, wants to follow her father’s footsteps (being his only child, and he’s a single dad) by becoming an appliance repair tech. He says, “Why don’t you follow a young girl’s dream and become a singer or something?” She says back, “Who will take over your business when you’re too old to work?” He doesn’t try to stop her anymore, but her friends do.

The scene of all her friends arriving at her birthday party to tell her not to repair appliances for living is one of the most beautiful of the whole ballet, with all the young girls dancing in circles around the protagonist in a passionate display. The story ends with her father selling the business and retiring, and the girl no longer knowing what she wants to do with her life. The lesson is that people shouldn’t feel forced to follow their family’s tracks.

In the very last scene, the girl starts writing in a diary for the first time and says, “Then again, a part of me always wanted to learn how to sing.” This effect will be made possibly by a projector, and she will actually conclude the performance by singing a short song.

If you enjoyed discovering this ballet idea, you should check out the kind of topics we’ll explore in the future. Writing this out for you to read has helped me parse out which scenes should be longer and which ones should be short and sweet. Thanks for being here to allow me to do this.