3 Ways to Make Customers Happy

happy customer

Whatever industry you’re in, whether it’s appliance repair, landscaping, tree service, or stone masonry, or something completely different like selling burgers out of a truck, here are 3 ways to make your customers happy that you may have never thought about. In other words, following these 3 tips will help you get 5 star reviews the natural way.

Way #1

In the 2020 economy, businesses have starting wearing masks or face coverings to be more sanitation-friendly. But this isn’t all you can do. Wearing plastic gloves is also another step that you can do, a thing that not all companies are doing. This will show your customer that you care about them, and they’ll notice it.

Way #2

Spamming people over email is never a good strategy, unless you have something to offer that they’ll appreciate. So, if you have your customers email, following up with them a few weeks after the transaction offering them a substantial discount on their next service while also telling them how much you appreciated their business is a great way to get them back in the door.

Way #3

This one is so underrated that it subconsciously separates the pros from the guys who seemingly have a lot of work to do on their company’s image. Having a good logo, is it! Skip the Dishes changed their logo to stand out from their competition in 2020 and customers notice. It may not add up to instant happy customers, but it’ll give your business more respect which has a compounding factor in bringing more 5 stars through the door. So try it! That’s what we did when we wanted to remake our branding, and now we’re back in action with a growing base of readers, like you.

Wait, There’s More…

If you’ve already tried these 3 tips and want to learn more, check out this inspiring video. It’ll give you even more helpful tips to keep your customers happy. Cheers.