Doing What Matters the Most

Take a walk to the downtown of the city nearest to you. What do you see? What are people looking for? It’s not for you or I to judge whether or not what people are doing is what matters most to them. But I bet if you look carefully you’ll see many people toiling and scrambling, doing things that are not that important at all. For instance, you’ll see people arguing over pickles on their burger, or complaining about gum on the sidewalk. It’s easy to guess that these people could be doing things that matter more.

Now, ask yourself: What matters most in my life? Is it your dream of becoming a celebrated painter? Is it giving your rescued tigers the best life possible? It is seeing your six foster children graduate high school? Whatever it is, I bet you know that feeling inside that cries out “This is most important” whenever you think about it.

You know it matters most because whenever you work towards it, it feels so good. Deep within your body and mind is a mission waiting to burst into reality. After all, everything man-made in this world was first conceived in the mind just like every baby was first conceived in the womb. All faces are predetermined, created by genetics and DNA. What matters most is arguably decided by us or perhaps it was predetermined just like our DNA was even before we were born.

But all that is just candy for the mind. The real issue is whether or not what you spend the most time on feels good to you. If it doesn’t feel good, then maybe there’s something more important you could be doing. Spend more time doing it, even if you don’t feel like it at first. After doing it for a few minutes you might get sucked in and will find yourself working all day. Other times, what’s most important and matters most–the thing you should be doing right now–is the thing you dread most, like waking up at 6 AM to drive your grandmother to the hospital. It all depends, but…

Do what matters most, and the universe will figure out the rest. We all have something important to do. Do it.

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