DIY Home Repair

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Today on Mickzeni Talk we’re going to chat about do-it-yourself (DIY) home repair. For us, home repair includes every home improvement issue across the entire perimeter of a residential property: gardening, landscaping, masonry, retaining walls, irrigation, drainage, etc. It also involves everything inside the domestic household: appliances, drywall, painting, renovation, remodeling, etc.

Doing home repair yourself, however, is a lot different than hiring local professional companies. Sometimes repairing something in the home is beyond our skill, like refrigerator repair for instance. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t resources out there for us to learn how to repair anything at home yourself if you’re patient enough to learn. For example, a friend of mine repaired their own brick dividing wall by watching stone masonry help videos on the Internet.

How many things have your repaired yourself at home? The wooden fence, the roofing on the shed, the sprinklers, the grass lawn? Here is a list of things I repaired at home:

Things I Repaired at Home:

  1. My electric oven
  2. My picket fence
  3. The paint in on my basement walls
  4. A drywall patch in the bathroom
  5. Wood flooring
  6. Stone veneer patchwork
  7. Brick repointing

I hope to make the list go on in 2021 as I learn new DIY home improvement and repair skills. The whole family or household gets to benefit when someone at home learns how to fix things that break down or get damaged. Home repair is a great skill to have for everyone.

In the end, DIY home repair can save the household time and money, but not in all cases. When you go ahead and decide to repair something yourself, it’s recommended that you do due diligence and sufficient research before getting started. This will assure safety measures are followed and the results are of proper quality. Hiring professionals is always a safer bet if you’re not sure what you’re doing. So remember, DIY home repair and research go hand in hand if you don’t want to make a problem worse.