Doing What Matters the Most

Take a walk to the downtown of the city nearest to you. What do you see? What are people looking for? It’s not for you or I to judge whether or not what people are doing is what matters most to them. But I bet if you look carefully you’ll see many people toiling and scrambling, doing things that are not that important at all. For instance, you’ll see people arguing over pickles on their burger, or complaining about gum on the sidewalk. It’s easy to guess that these people could be doing things that matter more.

Now, ask yourself: What matters most in my life? Is it your dream of becoming a celebrated painter? Is it giving your rescued tigers the best life possible? It is seeing your six foster children graduate high school? Whatever it is, I bet you know that feeling inside that cries out “This is most important” whenever you think about it.

You know it matters most because whenever you work towards it, it feels so good. Deep within your body and mind is a mission waiting to burst into reality. After all, everything man-made in this world was first conceived in the mind just like every baby was first conceived in the womb. All faces are predetermined, created by genetics and DNA. What matters most is arguably decided by us or perhaps it was predetermined just like our DNA was even before we were born.

But all that is just candy for the mind. The real issue is whether or not what you spend the most time on feels good to you. If it doesn’t feel good, then maybe there’s something more important you could be doing. Spend more time doing it, even if you don’t feel like it at first. After doing it for a few minutes you might get sucked in and will find yourself working all day. Other times, what’s most important and matters most–the thing you should be doing right now–is the thing you dread most, like waking up at 6 AM to drive your grandmother to the hospital. It all depends, but…

Do what matters most, and the universe will figure out the rest. We all have something important to do. Do it.

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The Roofing Victoria BC Needs

Welcome to another Mickzeni Talk.

What is the roofing Victoria BC needs to uphold all of it’s historical houses and buildings? Before I explain what I meant by “uphold” I’ll tell you that the kind of roofing Victoria BC needs is a team that cares about the character homes there. My great grandmother lived on Vancouver Island all her life and Victoria BC was her favorite place in the world. That’s why I feel obliged to speak about this issue–this issue of roofing companies in Victoria BC failing to protect the historical buildings.

Why Should Roofing Companies Protect Historical Buildings?

The reason why roofing companies should protect historical buildings is because they play a large roll in whether or not historical buildings get rotten to the point of no repair or stand tall and vibrant for many centuries. How a roofing company protects a historical building is by doing a really good job with installing roof shingles on the rooftop. If they fail to do a good job, then moisture will find its way through the haphazardly installed roof shingles and damage the building. That’s why roofing companies should at least treat historical buildings with more respect when working on them with roofing services.

What are the Kinds of Roofing Services Victoria BC Needs to Protect Historical Buildings?

historical building in Victoria BC

The answer is: Not all roofing companies get the chance to work on the roof of a historical building. The most frequent roofer Victoria BC will have is someone who mainly works on newly constructed residential houses. This mainly goes for roofers in every large city around the world. The only reason a roofer will be working on a historical building is because the building is so old it needs regular maintenance. That’s why, sadly, many really old buildings don’t have their original roofs. Historical buildings are way more valuable for civilization when they have all their original parts intact. This is the case because when a building has all of its history intact, it serves as a better teacher for younger generations who have the ability to learn so much about the past all thanks to one historical building that was kept in good condition.

To help protect historical buildings in Canada please share this blog post. If you know someone we can send this post to on your behalf, let us know.

Now, what did I mean by “uphold” in the first sentence of this post? I told you I’d explain. It’s strange that you would say a roof upholds a building, because that’s what the foundation does–uphold. But remember this: a foundation without a roof is just a moldy mess waiting to happen. Then again, a roof on a house couldn’t exist for long without a foundation. But you may never have to repair the foundation as often on a historical building if the roof is well maintained to begin with. That’s what I meant when I said it’s the roof that really upholds a historical building.

Thanks for reading.

DIY Home Repair

Today on Mickzeni Talk we’re going to chat about do-it-yourself (DIY) home repair. For us, home repair includes every home improvement issue across the entire perimeter of a residential property: gardening, landscaping, masonry, retaining walls, irrigation, drainage, etc. It also involves everything inside the domestic household: appliances, drywall, painting, renovation, remodeling, etc.

Doing home repair yourself, however, is a lot different than hiring local professional companies. Sometimes repairing something in the home is beyond our skill, like refrigerator repair for instance. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t resources out there for us to learn how to repair anything at home yourself if you’re patient enough to learn. For example, a friend of mine repaired their own brick dividing wall by watching stone masonry help videos on the Internet.

How many things have your repaired yourself at home? The wooden fence, the roofing on the shed, the sprinklers, the grass lawn? Here is a list of things I repaired at home:

Things I Repaired at Home:

  1. My electric oven
  2. My picket fence
  3. The paint in on my basement walls
  4. A drywall patch in the bathroom
  5. Wood flooring
  6. Stone veneer patchwork
  7. Brick repointing

I hope to make the list go on in 2021 as I learn new DIY home improvement and repair skills. The whole family or household gets to benefit when someone at home learns how to fix things that break down or get damaged. Home repair is a great skill to have for everyone.

In the end, DIY home repair can save the household time and money, but not in all cases. When you go ahead and decide to repair something yourself, it’s recommended that you do due diligence and sufficient research before getting started. This will assure safety measures are followed and the results are of proper quality. Hiring professionals is always a safer bet if you’re not sure what you’re doing. So remember, DIY home repair and research go hand in hand if you don’t want to make a problem worse.

Looking for Feedback

Here at Mickzeni Talk we’ve been talking about some interesting things, everything from landscaping to culinary arts. However, now is the time for you to submit your feedback. We want to know what you think about the topics we’ve been talking about. If you feel like giving us your feedback, we’d like to know things like how is the quality of our writing, should we post more often, should we make our posts longer or shorter, talk about different subjects, etc.

At the end of the day we’re trying to provide a service here so if we’re not doing that for you please let us know. You can submit your feedback by contacting us over email.

We look forward to hearing from you. We’ll consider your feedback seriously and make any appropriate changes.

Thank you.

Landscaping in Hamilton with Mickzeni Talk

This is an interview, the first of our new interview series, and so before we get into the discussion, we here at Mickzeni Talk want to announce what our interview series is all about. We’re still coming up with a name for it, but it’ll be something like “Interviews with Ordinary People.” The thing we’re offering here is that you don’t have to read an interview with a famous person to be entertained or learn something. Sometimes simple interviews with normal people like our landscaper in Hamilton is all you need to learn something cool and interesting for the day. So in the future stay tuned for more interviews like this one if you enjoy it.

An Interview with a Hamilton Landscaper

This is how our interviews will be formatted. We ask the guest a series of simple question, and ask them to expound with their answers with the intention of spilling out information that people who aren’t familiar with the subject might find interesting. So let’s begin our interview with a landscaping Hamilton expert. We hope you enjoy.

Question #1: “What does it take to be an expert at landscaping?”

The answer: “Well with anything the only thing that separates a professional from an expert is that an expert doesn’t need to be hired. An expert can be a retired landscaper, or someone who’s never been hired as a landscaper who taught themselves the tricks of the trade by doing their own landscaping at home. But that’s not the full answer. For me, an expert landscaper is basically someone who doesn’t need to do an online search every time they start a new project because they already know nearly everything there is to know about landscaping. They should be able to do stuff like trim hedges, plant trees, build rock walls, cut grass, etc, and they should be decently skilled at it too.”

Question #2: “What would you say to kids our there who want to be a landscaper when they grow up?”

The answer: “I’d tell who ever dreams of becoming a landscaper the same things I tell my kids. It’s not as easy as an expert makes it look. Before you’re dead-sure about what career you want, you should sit down for a day and really decide if you’re certain this will be the right job for you. To be a landscaper you have to be okay with getting your hands dirty, I mean literally filthy with soil. And you should be prepared to own a truck, get used to blisters on your fingers and know how to put up with working outside all day in every kind of weather condition. In the winter you might be doing snow removal. In the summer, you’ll be sweating in the heat. If that doesn’t deter you, then you might have chosen a good trade.”

Question #3: “What is your favorite part of being a landscaper in Hamilton Ontario?”

The answer: “My favorite part of being a landscaper is working to make landscapes more beautiful, in all the many small things that includes. I love working with my hands, but I also enjoying creating beauty. It’s an artform for me, and I love doing it in Hamilton because frankly this city could use a little more beauty here and there. Over the years I’ve been able to make this place noticeably more pretty, and that makes me feel good inside.”

Question #4: “Thank you for your great answers, sir. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers at Mickzeni Talk about Hamilton landscaping before we let you continue your day?”

The answer: “It’s been a pleasure, and sure. I got one thing to say. While visiting other parts of Canada I’ve noticed that a property with professional landscaping really stands out. And with some unintentional research over the years working with clients who love getting their properties treated with landscaping services I’ve learned that in many cases hiring an expert landscaper to regularly maintain the beauty of your landscape might give you a profit in the long run, because after a decade of working in the landscape of your property the value of your house can rise hirer than the costs you paid for landscaping in the first place. This is just something to remember if you’re deciding whether or not to let a professional handle the backyard chores. And, oh, one more thing. I really enjoyed your last post about 3 ways to make customers happy. It motivated me to try some new things with my own clients. So thanks for that.”

Our Final Words About the Interview

This interview took place over an email discussion several days ago. The guest didn’t mind if we shared his name, but out of respect we like to keep it anonymous so that guests in the future can feel free to say things they might not want to say if they knew their name would be public. Please contact us if you have any ideas for future interviews or would like to be interviewed yourself.

We hope you enjoyed episode of Interviews with Ordinary People and learned something. Bye for now.

3 Ways to Make Customers Happy

Whatever industry you’re in, whether it’s appliance repair, landscaping, tree service, or stone masonry, or something completely different like selling burgers out of a truck, here are 3 ways to make your customers happy that you may have never thought about. In other words, following these 3 tips will help you get 5 star reviews the natural way.

Way #1

In the 2020 economy, businesses have starting wearing masks or face coverings to be more sanitation-friendly. But this isn’t all you can do. Wearing plastic gloves is also another step that you can do, a thing that not all companies are doing. This will show your customer that you care about them, and they’ll notice it.

Way #2

Spamming people over email is never a good strategy, unless you have something to offer that they’ll appreciate. So, if you have your customers email, following up with them a few weeks after the transaction offering them a substantial discount on their next service while also telling them how much you appreciated their business is a great way to get them back in the door.

Way #3

This one is so underrated that it subconsciously separates the pros from the guys who seemingly have a lot of work to do on their company’s image. Having a good logo, is it! Skip the Dishes changed their logo to stand out from their competition in 2020 and customers notice. It may not add up to instant happy customers, but it’ll give your business more respect which has a compounding factor in bringing more 5 stars through the door. So try it! That’s what we did when we wanted to remake our branding, and now we’re back in action with a growing base of readers, like you.

Wait, There’s More…

If you’ve already tried these 3 tips and want to learn more, check out this inspiring video. It’ll give you even more helpful tips to keep your customers happy. Cheers.

Doing What You Love, Whatever It Is

I’m not going to go as far as to say that if you love murdering people that you should become a serial killer. I’m using common logic here. But so long as common logic is in mind, there’s no excuse to explain why you aren’t doing what you love besides the point that you haven’t decided to yet.

You don’t have to know how you’ll have the career of your dreams. You just need to know that you will, and take baby steps one at a time until you get there. I know a girl from Brazil that grew up in poverty and dreamed of being a doctor. Now she’s making more money in Canada than most middle class people who grew up with rich parents in Canada. The only thing she did was make a decision, and you can do the same thing.

My story is a bit different because I already had my dream career in Italy. As a boy I dreamed of having my own engineering and construction company. Then, when I was so satisfied to the point where I wanted even more, that’s when I moved to Canada. And now my dream job is in my grip yet again. But only because I made a decision. Now I’m here.

I’m saying this for any stragglers who visit my blog and don’t believe in themselves. If you still don’t believe in yourself, let’s talk over email. I dreamed of having a company that does everything from masonry to appliance repair and it came true, and my family was very hard-pressed when I was a boy. I honestly believe anyone can make their dreams come true but only if they themselves decide to make it happen.

So make the decision. What are you waiting for?

The Interview with a Pro Chef in Calgary, Alberta

Welcome back to another Mickzeni Talk.

Before reading further you should consult yesterday’s post.

Yesterday I wrote explaining about why I’m visiting Calgary. I’m here for many reasons, but one of them is to interview a professional chef in the culinary arts and ask him a series of questions. I didn’t get permission to share his name because he’s semi-famous and wanted to have the freedom of speaking honestly with me. In other words, the interview was a success and I got all the answers I was looking for and some deep truths I never expected.

Before I get to the questions and answers of the interview, I want to speak briefly on my overall feeling I got during the interview. We met at the place where he works (owns), and he showed me the famous kitchen where he performs his masterpieces. First of all I was amazed at how clean he keeps his kitchen and how well maintained all of his major appliances were, also at how polite his staff was. When we sat down at the table to begin, I already had the sense that this was one of the kind of people who deserved to be successful. He had so much energy emanating from his voice and movements. His passion was palpable and just talking to him created a feeling that I was with one of the greats and it’s a feeling I’ll never forget.

That’s all I wanted to say about that. Now it’s time to get to the meat of the interview.

Questions and Answers with a Pro Chef in Calgary, AB

  1. What got you interested in culinary arts as a boy? Answer: “Taste! My grandma was a billion times better at cooking than me, and I always loved visiting her because her food was delicious. I know it’s selfish but it’s the truth. My grandma was so good at cooking I let her give me those bear hugs that grandmas love to give without complaining, so long as I knew she’d be the one cooking dinner. It was when she passed away when I was 9 that I missed her for who she really was and dug into her secret recipe books. A lot of the food I cook today still comes from those books.”
  2. Why out of all places have you worked in Calgary all these years? Answer: “I’m not really sure. I’ve just had great success here with my restaurant and there’s been no need to move. I started in Winnipeg, Manitoba with little success and working here compared to there seemed so much easier. I’m not sure if has to do with the people and their taste of food here or the location I’m in but either way I don’t think I’ll be moving for a while.”
  3. Why are BBQ ribs your favorite? Answer: “It’s the one thing I taught myself how to cook that my grandma never cooked. I take pride in that!”
  4. What is your favorite brand of major kitchen appliances? Answer: “That’s not the kind of question I’d expect, but I’d have to go with Samsung or Maytag, just because they have the best warranties in my experience.”
  5. Have you ever done your own appliance repairs in the busy kitchen? Answer: “Never! My staff wouldn’t even do it. That’s why all my appliances have warranties, and I maintain them so I don’t have to worry. There was one time where I had to order appliance repair Calgary services on a freezer that wasn’t under warranty, but hopefully I’ll never have to do that again.”
  6. When do you see yourself retiring from being a pro chef? Answer: “Retire? What does that mean? Ha, the day I’ll retire is the day my hands fall off. What do you think?”

Those were the questions I had been planning to ask him. We also spent a while talking about our favorite operas because his grandma was a huge opera fan, and he couldn’t remember the name of this one Viking opera his grandma used to take him to. We also talked about life in Calgary in general and he told me there’s nothing special about this place besides his own food, and we laughed.

Overall, it was quite a pleasure to sit down with a popular chef. He’s well known from Paris to Hollywood for his cuisine and I have to say my favorite part of the whole interview was eating his BBQ ribs because now I know why he’s so popular. I really wish I could tell you his name, but sorry. I bet many of you will be able to guess just from the details I provided. His dream was never to become famous, only to cook great food and that’s ultimately why he thinks he made it so big here in Calgary.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got a laugh or two and learned something from this spectacular interview!

Visiting Calgary to Talk with a Pro Chef

Welcome! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful day our there.

I sure am… and here’s why!

We like to talk about many things here on the Mizkeni Talk blog. And you should get excited if you like interviews with pro chefs because I’ll be visiting one tonight in Calgary, Alberta. Before I reveal his name (haven’t gotten permission yet), I will just say that he’s one of the most underrated chefs in Canada let alone Calgary. He’s been in the cooking industry for over 50 years and I can’t wait to ask him a question.

Here are a few of the questions I’ll be asking him tonight.

  1. What got you interested in culinary arts as a boy?
  2. Why out of all places have you worked in Calgary all these years?
  3. Why are BBQ ribs your favorite?
  4. What is your favorite brand of major kitchen appliances?
  5. Have you ever done your own appliance repairs in the busy kitchen?
  6. When do you see yourself retiring from being a pro chef?

If I think of other great questions, they’ll be listed on update post tomorrow when I share his answers. I hope you’re as excited as I am for this.

A Ballet About Appliance Repair Services

This ballet story I’m about to share with you doesn’t have a name and it has never been published because I am the author and am still working on it. I wanted to share what I have with you so far to flesh it out in my own mind and hopefully come out with something better than what already exists.

Basically, the main character, a small girl just entering her first adult year, wants to follow her father’s footsteps (being his only child, and he’s a single dad) by becoming an appliance repair tech. He says, “Why don’t you follow a young girl’s dream and become a singer or something?” She says back, “Who will take over your business when you’re too old to work?” He doesn’t try to stop her anymore, but her friends do.

The scene of all her friends arriving at her birthday party to tell her not to repair appliances for living is one of the most beautiful of the whole ballet, with all the young girls dancing in circles around the protagonist in a passionate display. The story ends with her father selling the business and retiring, and the girl no longer knowing what she wants to do with her life. The lesson is that people shouldn’t feel forced to follow their family’s tracks.

In the very last scene, the girl starts writing in a diary for the first time and says, “Then again, a part of me always wanted to learn how to sing.” This effect will be made possibly by a projector, and she will actually conclude the performance by singing a short song.

If you enjoyed discovering this ballet idea, you should check out the kind of topics we’ll explore in the future. Writing this out for you to read has helped me parse out which scenes should be longer and which ones should be short and sweet. Thanks for being here to allow me to do this.